Timor Leste SGS Scholarship Program

Sr Rita Hayes returned this month to Timor Leste to meet students from the SGS Scholarship Program. They had to contend with a pandemic and a severe flood. “I am in awe of their ambition and their resilience." Please click the heading above to read Sr Rita Hayes update.

Creating hope in the Philippines

The challenges of Covid, no internet access and no computers would have stopped most students from completing their studies. Read more about our amazing scholarship recipients in Bacolod, the Philippines and the hardships they overcame to complete their schooling.

Making a Difference in Timor Leste

This program has had more than 100 tertiary graduates who have gone into teaching, nursing and other professions supporting the development of East Timor. Read about the difference it is making.

COVID-19 hits Kiribati

How do you earn a living or get food and water for your family when you are told to stay in-doors? They had avoided COVID-19 until now. This year brings on new challenges......