Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation

Since 1857, the Sisters of the Good Samaritan have brought refuge, education and hope to the most vulnerable women and children. Inspired by their stories and continuing mission, we build partnerships that deliver practical help and nurture community. 


Good Samaritans today come in many forms. It all started with a story first told over 2,000 years ago…  

Vision & Impact
Vision & Impact

Every program we support gives practical meaning to the term ‘being neighbour.’ This could mean providing a regular meal, a warm place to sleep or a chance for education.  

Say Hello
Say Hello

Meet some of the people assisted through Good Samaritan programs! 

Areas of Ministry

The Good Samaritan is in all of us. 

Just before Christmas, a Category 5 typhoon tore through the Philippines, leaving a trail of destruction. Over 1.8 million people were affected. They have since been dealing with the aftermath – homes destroyed, crops ruined, livelihoods snatched away.

Your donation will be delivered in full to the families impacted by Typhoon Rai by our Good Samaritan Sisters in Bacolod, the Philippines.

Sr Anne Dixon explains that, “The worst-case scenarios have been seeing families losing not only their home but all their possessions and often their livelihoods too.”

You can make a donation by clicking below, or if you prefer over the phone, please call us on 02 8752 5313. 

Our Program Impact

In 2022 our programs will reach over one thousand women, children and families through thirteen programs spanning four countries.  This includes –

  • 600 families provided with a regular meal or food pack from the Good Samaritan Outreach Centre, Bacolod, the Philippines.
  • Over 120 students receiving scholarships in Railaco, Timor Leste.
  • More than 1,000 bed nights at Good Samaritan Inn, Melbourne for women fleeing family violence
  • Over 50 refugee and asylum seekers provided with support for their essential medical needs.

We are grateful to you, our donors and supporters who make our work possible.

100% of your donation will go to those in need.

Good Samaritan News

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