Vision & Impact

Our Purpose

Connecting Good Samaritans to create a safe and sustainable future for women and children in need.

Our Programs

In 2023 our programs will reach over one thousand women, children and families through thirteen programs spanning four countries. 

In line with the Benedictine philosophy, we aim to ‘listen with the ear of the heart.’ That means we don’t impose solutions but aim to engage with the communities in which we work. In some cases, that means the process may be slower, but we believe the result is a more respectful and genuine relationship.  Some of the results we will deliver include:

  • 600 families provided with a regular meal or food pack from the Good Samaritan Outreach Centre, Bacolod, the Philippines.
  • Over 120 students receiving scholarships in Railaco, Timor Leste.
  • More than 1,000 bed nights at Good Samaritan Inn, Melbourne for women fleeing family violence
  • Over 50 refugee and asylum seekers provided with support for their essential medical needs.

We are convinced that Good Samaritans come in many forms, whether they be professed Sisters, Oblates, community members, men or women.  Partnerships with like-minded people and organisations are increasingly part of our model, as we seek to extend the reach and capacity of our programs.  Our work will always remain grounded in community and in connection to the Spirituality and stories of the Good Samaritan Sisters.


GOOD SAMARITAN KINDER SCHOOLA pre-school and supports for children from poor families
GOOD SAMARITAN KINDER SCHOOL – FEEDINGA daily meal for children at the Good Samaritan Kinder School
OUTREACH CENTRE PROGRAMSPrograms for women and families living in local squatter settlements
TERTIARY SCHOLARSHIPSTertiary scholarships for young people from the squatter settlements
COVID 19 – EMERGENCY ASSISTANCEFood and support to alleviate COVID impacts on very poor families


EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTREA free preschool and family supports
OTHER PROGRAMSPrograms of support for vulnerable women and children


SCHOLARSHIPSScholarships for high school and tertiary education


EDUCATION GRANTSNeeds-based grants for high school students
GOOD SAMARITAN INNShort term emergency housing for women fleeing family violence
REFUGEE & ASYLUM SEEKER MEDICAL FUNDEmergency fund to assist with essential medical costs
REMOTE OUTREACHSchool / tertiary study assistance for young indigenous students
REMOTE PASTORAL SUPPORT PROGRAMSupport for women in remote community pastoral roles
SANTA TERESA SPIRITUALITY CENTREA safe place for women to share culture and generate income

Our most recent year audited financial results are available for download here.