A Gift In Your Will

A will is an important legal document that sets out what you would like to happen to your assets.  Writing a will can be a time of reflection and deep consideration of what really is close to our hearts.

If you are considering leaving a gift for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation in your will, please contact us.  Your gift will be directed to support projects initiated or overseen by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.  You may like to specify a program in a particular place of ministry or leave an open gift. 

Whatever you decide, the Sisters would like to offer their prayers and thanks for your generosity, enabling them to continue much valued programs assisting the marginalised and the vulnerable.

Our hope is that your practical contribution is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to be Good Samaritans in a world needing generous neighbours, now and into the future. 

We recommend you consult your solicitor when making or changing your Will, to ensure your wishes are recorded accurately and in a legally binding way. 

Suggested wording for your Will

You can take this suggested wording to your solicitor, along with our organisation’s details which follow.

“I give [the whole of my estate *OR* my residuary estate *OR* …..% of my residuary estate *OR* the sum of $…………. *OR* the following assets/items of property – list the items] free of all duties and testamentary expenses to the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation Limited ABN 54 169 799 606 to be applied for its general purposes and for the furtherance of its works. I declare that the receipt of the Secretary, Executive Director or other proper officer of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation Limited will be a full discharge to my executors and / or trustees who will not be bound to see its application.”