$3.20 nourishes a young mind – Philippines Kinder School Nutrition Program

Our Philippines Nutrition Program ensures that 120 Good Samaritan Kinder students receive the nourishment they need to focus on learning, play and discovery. The Kinder program opens doors to a brighter future, not only for the little people who attend but also for their families and communities who are living in the harshest of circumstances.

Every child deserves a nutritious meal so that hunger doesn’t stop them from learning and thriving.   At the Good Sams Foundation, we’re committed to providing a daily nutritious meal for the 120 children in the Philippines who attend our Kinder Program. With a donation of just $3.20 you can help.

Your $3.20 donation nourishes a little person’s educational journey.

Can you help us to provide weekday meals to a child living in financial hardship in the Philippines?

Here’s the impact your donation makes:

  •               $3.20 provides a nourishing meal for one child for 5 school days
  •               $16 provides a nourishing meal for 5 children for 5 school days
  •               $80 provides a nourishing meal for 25 children for 5 school days
  •               $384 feeds every child in the Good Sams Kinder school for 5 school days