Australia – Educational Scholarships – Student feedback

Every year the Good Sams Foundation and our benefactors support Australian students who can’t afford to continue their education in a faith-based school. Here’s feedback from a few of our 2023 Australian Grant recipients –

‘I received early entry into Wollongong University.  If I couldn’t afford to continue to attend my current school, this wouldn’t have been possible.’

‘A HUGE thank you! You have no idea how much this grant has helped not only me but also our entire family. The fact that my sisters and I have been able to complete their entire schooling at the same school and the relief it has given my mum and dad has been great. To know we have all been supported during some of our families most difficult times.’

‘Receiving this grant meant that it applied less stress for my parents having to pay not only me but also my brothers school fees. It meant that I also got to stay and finish at the high school I started at with all my friends and supportive teachers.’

‘It has allowed my mum to focus on her health and recover from last year’s treatment rather than worrying about getting back to work. This in turn made me feel better as I saw her less stressed which enabled me to focus on doing the best I could at school as I knew there was less financial stress on both mum and dad.’

‘The ongoing support in an environment that I am happy and confident in whilst being supported by my friends and teachers that know exactly how I tick. This allows me to ask for assistance as I feel comfortable in this learning and supportive environment which will enable me to achieve my goals for next years HSC.’