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The Good Samaritan Inn, Melbourne, provides welcoming accommodation for women and children escaping family violence and homelessness. The safe and calm environment of the Inn also provides something less tangible, but no less important. Simple acts of kindness, a willing ear to listen, a non-judgmental attitude and providing valuable information and support allows guests to find their voice again. As a result, in just a matter of days, the women and children begin making room for hope in their lives. More than 300 women and children are accommodated each year.


Everyday at the Inn it is apparent that violence against women is a devastating social problem. We believe it makes great sense to work to prevent violence happening in the first place and to address the problem in a future orientated way. We Can Do It is the Good Samaritan Inn’s violence prevention program. Now it’s 4th year, the program has been delivered in secondary schools in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. A new cohort of schools will join the program in 2016.

The videos below provide an introduction to the Good Samaritan Inn and the We Can Do It violence prevention project.

Download the We Can Do It – Respectful Relationships in Schools project report here.

For more information, please contact the Good Samaritan Inn:

The Good Samaritan Inn
PO Box 1655
Preston South
Victoria 3072

Call 0415 130 958


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